Destiny is a mystery, nobody knows the content, how it comes and how it will manifest. When Stephanie the lady that video the little baby success, did that not to cajoled her but may be as a neighbor, success has always made them to laugh, so on seeing her matching like a wounded soldier decided to interview her and post it for people to either laugh and be happy or assist the little baby.

Now on the real issue that brought Success into lime light, not that her parents could not afford to pay the money but she forgot to remind her father before he left home that morning making her to tell her mother who in turn asked her to plead with her Teacher in the school.

That was why success said in that video and I quote “No be say I no go payooo” however, success was angry because she explained to her Teacher who refused but sent her home with other pupils.

Her annoyance was that they should have flogged her and allow her to remain in school so that the next day she will come and pay. While all these drama was going on She Never knew that God was planning something big for her and family.

Now on the side of Stephanie she did not appear on the video nor encouraged her. But she quickly pushed it to internet and went her way, like a wild fire🔥it started raging and everyone one was sharing the video not Bcos they wanted success to get help but because of the sweet pigin English that success used and her posses on that video.

Because there was a mission behind that, God allowed the video to got into the Facebook page of a celebrity in Abuja who quickly showed interest to help success. Whether it’s a scam or real only God knows. But that changed the gear of the video into another channel which attracted more personalities and organization.

When God wants to bless a man he raise another man to give him a lift. Stephanie did not know she was a messenger of God to help not only Success but hundreds of and thousands of people. Because that has attracted People helping other poor pupils and government to Renovate the dilapidated school building.

Now success has brought success to the family of success and to others who wants to succeed in life. A good name is batter that costly pomade.

Now success is an international figure and personality. Who will automatically become an American and British citizen at a time.

On her own success said she would not want to leave that school for another because of her teacher who has shown her Love. Wow!!

And that she was surprised when America and Britain called her family,Imagine!!

She said that She want to be a PASTOR AND A LAWYER.

A PASTOR so that she can preach the GOSPEL and a lawyer to help people live a decent live in the society.

This is her words in an interview.


Who’s knows? Who believed? Who thought that success will be an AMERICAN AND BRITISH CITIZENS IN THIS LIFE?

Whatever you are doing try to be nice. Stephanie Should not be left out in the baby success STORY.

Her motive of sending the Video I don’t know. But God have used her to bless a generation.

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