How long will it take President Buhari and his foot soldiers to appreciate the fact that modern democracy and economic reforms are not driven by regiment commands without solid and sustainable programs and policies?

You don’t command your economy or issue decrees to grow it. You plan creatively and execute excellently/SUSTAINABLY policies and programs that works.

The global crude palm oil (CPO) production currently stands at 77m tons . In fact, the CPO and CPK combined global markets sized as at end of 2018 stood at $95billion.

Nigeria consumes annually over 2.4m tons of CPOs.

Nigeria currently produces about 930,000 tons of CPOs domestically. This is a shortfall of over 1.4 million tons per annum

Recall that Nigeria used to control 45% of the CPO market in 1964.

To cover this 1.4m tons demand and Domestic consumption shortfall and cut off imports of CPOs and Crude Palm Kernel Oil from Asia, all that we needed to do is to create that enabling Private Public Partnership architecture that will help us to easily and scientifically cover this gap before 2023.

The CBN has identified and gotten the commitment of the governors of the 11 states that fall within the palm oil producing belt to provide the fiscal and structural frameworks to accomplish this.

It will cost us only about N56bn /$154m to create /establish 280,000 hectares of Tenera or supergene species of palm plantations that yield upto 4-7,tons of crude palm oil per annum at 36 months from planting.

With capital investments of less than N10billion we shall procure, fabricate and set up at least 1000 to 2000 cottage palm oil production factories across this 11 states

The palm oil has no part of it that is a waste . From the palm oil to the palm kernel oil to the palm kernel cake to the fiber to the shells to the roots to the stems to the leaves to the bunch are all useful feedstocks that are used for animal feeds , furniture production and car seats etc.

With properly planned and strategically designed and executed investments of less than N70bn /$193m (an amount that is less than what is misappropriated in 13 days at the petroleum ministry under the ghost PMS importation sleaze ) we can fix our crude palm oil needs , stop the wastage of scarce dollar on what we can produce competitively and lay the foundation to regain our lead in this sector, just like we used to have in 1964.

The cluster plantations and processing mills , plus the animal husbandry business that it will support can be able to generate it’s own captive power projects that will energise the farms and host communities.

Rather than just wake up to sweepingly issue decrees banning things we know that have supply deficiencies/gap locally that will end up breeding , engineering and creating rooms for smugglers, why cant this government engage those that can help them design tariff, production and processing policies /programs that can help us support our local industries, create jobs, boost our GDPs and save the massive outflow of our scarce foreign currency resources.?

We can help this people design, structure, fund , execute and monitor this schemes successfully.

God please help us

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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