Am prepared for victory come 16th February… Uche Asoluka

Am Hon. Uche Asoluka’s, am from Ihiagwa in Owerri west L.G.A. of Imo State, I am the PPN flag bearer for Owerri federal constituency in the forth coming election.

I didn’t just wake up and decided to run, but I was propelled by the yearnings of my people for effective representation, in the spirit of Ali Muhammed who became a world figure in his early twenties I decided to take the challenge of representing my people in the federal house.

Age is not the problem here the current president of France is a young man in his thirties and his country elected him, youths are leaders of tomorrow is one word of deception which old men in Nigeria politics has been using to deceive we youths, yesterday’s tomorrow is now and we are ready to take up the leadership of this country from down to the top and am one of the people who have decide to take the lead to wake up my fellow youths(male and female) that the can do it with or without Money. Another thing is the mindset, if you have a good mindset everything is achievable, especially when you are working as a team, team work gives slot of success.

I know too well that I have opponents because this is a contest so many others are involved but am not considering any of them, we all have our strategies which is different from each others’ but am only minding myself and working tirelessly to see that I come victorious come 16yh February 2019.

Money bags politics has been the other of the day, but I think the electorates are wiser now and the politicians are trading with caution, kudos to INEC who have put all machinery to monitor how political parties makes their spendings. Again am not in a beauty contest as to design big billboards, there many people on billboards but are not known in the grassroot, so am a grassroot politicians and I know what my people needs and they know me too well to know what I can do for them. So if i will win with or without billboards.

And having been known in the grassroot and they believe in me throwing money around is not the inn thing here. Today you will throw your millions of naira to the people they will eat it and vote the right person of their choice.

Concerning people in the house before now,I won’t discredit anybody they have done their bits and it’s time for me to do mine, but one thing I will make a priority is what many politicians overlook, that is consultation, you see many politicians will only be seen in the public when they are canvasing for vote immediately they are elected they will disappear only to resurface after three year for re-election, but I will always make myself available and accessible to my people. And will always ask their opinion on any project am to draw the attention of the federal government in my constituency.

In Owerri federal constituency we have 35 political wards and I have visited almost all the wards with my ward coordinators working round the clock to see a successful election and victory, and I trust God I will make it through.

Old men are stakeholders in the Nigeria politics but we are not going to allow that to play out anymore. That is why on the race and as a wake up call to other youths to rise and take what belongs to us. And I believe in the next election the race will be among youths and the positive change needed will come.

I have got the experience to represent my people, I was active in politics in University days, after my Masters Degree programme,I was appointed the assistant manager National Lottery Commission Imo state branch, and I resigned as a deputy Manager, am also a business consultant, and a one time special and personal assistant to the former Nigeria ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Dr. Mrs Kema Chikwe before she was appointed the national women leader of the PDP then. With this wealth of experience in civil service which is a discipline and training ground for anyone who wishes to lead I think am qualified to represent my people in Abuja. Am called Me Fix it because I don’t shy away from challenges instead I look for a way to fix the challenge and and make it work.

Loosing election is not a crime, anyone who is aspiring for a position must have in his mind that he may loose or win, whichever way am not perturbed because if I loose I will take it that it’s not my time yet, and I will come out stronger next time,it will never deter me because I believe the sky is my stepping stone. But am sure I will win.

Am urging all the electorates to come out early on Saturday 16th February, for accreditation and voting to send the candidate of their choice to represent them, eschew violence and vote selling and to maintain peace. My family are full in support of me, but every one has his or her candidate across political parties. As nobody plays partizan politics again.

Mr Uche Dollars one the coordinators of Uche Asoluka’s election campaign in this interview said that was made him to follow Mr Fix It is because he discovered he is a man of integrity who have the poor people at heart and stands by his word, a man with vision, a man of the people at grassroot and his previous services is speaking for him now, we are ready waiting for the day to come and he will emerge victory at last.

On the other Hand, Eke Amarachi Blessing a student of Imo State University, said that half of the students who registered their PVC in Owerri here have agreed to vote Hon. Uche Asoluka because of his student relationship, he will always use his connections to solve any student’s Problem not minding where you came from, always given students pocket and help in providing them with places of industrial attachment, So we are giving him support so that he will do more for us.

Mr Anukam Obinna Emmanuel also bare his mind on why he is optimistic that Uche Asoluka Mr Fix it, will win, Party affiliation is not going to play out here because Uche is a grassroot man and the people knows what they want, he is a mobilizer, a business man per excellence, an administrator and a young man of vision who don’t believe in intimidation or accept defeat. So we can’t have him and we waste our vote, we will surely vote him and by God’s grace he will win.

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