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Let begin by reading the Bible, Psalm 92vs 12, says “the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree”.

If you understand what these means you shall celebrate every genuine believer who is prospering, Christianity does not mean poverty.

Why is it that people only open their eyes and mouth whenever they see any man of God who is deceived by Satan and lash Pastors, saying all sorts of evil against all pastors, condemning all of them for sin of man?. They don’t see anything good about pastors again and by so doing ridicules them.

But the same people finds it difficult to celebrate any Pastor who suffered terribly and Succeeds. So the mentality of such persons is to see genuine men of God suffer till the end of their lives. God forbid.

Do you know that these Pastors you are raising your greedy eyes against started in a one room they probably borrowed or rented from the owner, many started with only themselves (him and family). Doing all the prayers, singing, preaching, cleaning, evangelizing all by them for months before one or two members can join them. Others started with canopy, or tappoline, on a rented land, where they found it hard to pay their rents. Many were humiliated, insulted, abused, wives and children molested,even raped, yet they patiently wait upon God.

Nobody noticed them, cared nor helped them. Some of them left the ministry and pursued their other careers just to feed the family and avoid doing some silly things. Many of relocated to many places within a short period because of shame and inability to pay their rents so that they can avoid been humiliated, yet you were blind to see them and stingy to care for them.

Some fasted for days,weeks,months and even years seeking God and asking for his power, grace and anoiting yet nobody blogger, radio house, new paper or magazine noticed or write anything about them. After many years of proven ministry God decided to remember them, by pouring his anoiting and grace upon them and the church now grows it becomes a curse…

In the sense that they are not fit to pastor such churches, and if any of them buys a car it becomes a headline that pastor is now driving one of the best cars. Yes he is driving it, will you take away from him? No.

Let’s come to the man of the moment Appostle Johnson Sulemian, is a genuine man of God with Grace and anoiting upon his life and ministry. A fearless man of God who always speaks the bitter truth without any fear or favour, not minding who’s ox is gone, he has spoken on several issues that is negatively affecting a certain part of the New which includes the killing of innocent citizens of this nation by another tribe, the bad leadership and state of the Nation among others which many Leaders both sacred and circular kept mute over.

People did not give him applause, even when he was to be arrested illegally at midnight in one of his crusades in Ekiti State. Nobody saw him then nor wrote about his bravery.

Apostle has given thousands of people scholarship both in Nigeria and oversea, he has built hospital and paid bills of thousands of people, he has also and always give out cars to people every year during his birthdays, Apostle launched many buses that transport his members to their various destination after each church services, in all these nobody wrote an Epistle about this great man of God, nobody congratulated him on TV or Radio, not even a page of news paper was paid for to congratulate or showcase his good deeds to the world.

It means nothing to the Sycophants in our society. Apostle has survived many scandals yet nobody congratulated him nor thanked God for vindicating him even when most of his accusers has come openly to confess and asked for forgiveness, there was silence in the Land because it was not another scandal.

Apostle Johnson is a radical philanthropists, a dangerous giver, a motivator, Inspirator, Preacher, Teacher, Father to many and Husband to many widows.

He has delivered many state and nation through his prophecies yet to award for him in all these. Apostle siad some years ago that his church will buy buses for easy movement of his church members he did it and it’s functional till date nobody appreciated him for that. He has also said that soon Omega Fire Ministry will buy fleets of aircraft that will airlift people to various cities FREE OF CHARGE. Nobody clapped for him, people didn’t even believe him let alone hoping for it. Just the way it was when he made mentioned of the bus purchase.

Now the No 1 aircraft just landed and every Tom, Dick and Harry has got talking including those who knew nothing about this servant of God. Chai generation of vipers who Bewitched you?. Anyways those of you who want to explode their guns and powder pls keep till when the 70th Aircraft will land then you will need it more.

My Apostle bravo, one thing I like you for is that you don’t give a damn, the more they talk the more you mesmerize them. Because your are man of spirit and nobody can predict a man of spirit. God is with you and heaven at last.

Mind you Pscnews is not a member of OFM nor an associate of Apostle Sulemian, but an independent online Media. I choose to write on this topic to clear some doubt and ignorance of many.

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