Chinese ambassador visits Tony Nwulu, UPP Candidate in Imo state gurba.race.

The Chinese Ambassador’s Visit to Hon. Tony Nwulu and its Implications: What Imolites Need to know.

Fortnight ago, the National’s capital Abuja played host to one of the world most powerful and sophisticated country China by no less a person than Hon. Tony Nwulu; the honourable member representing Oshodi Isolo II Federal Constituency and the Guber candidate of the United Progressive Party UPP. This time around, the Chinese Government represented by its Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Zhao Yong was at the reside innce of the Eziudo Ezinihitte Mbaise born legislator to discuss issues of State interest which cuts across Agriculture, Education (Science and Technology), ICT, Healthcare, Infrastructural development, Human capital development among other issues which formed part of the discussion between the Ambassador and the UPP Guber candidate.

Mr. Zhao Yong who was noticeably happy to have met with Hon Nwulu for the first time was quick to mention that Hon. Tony Nwulu was the first Guber candidate he has met. He quickly added that what inspired and triggered the Chinese Government meeting with him was unconnected with his steering leadership acumen, coupled with his smart knowledge of where the world is currently driving to, which is towards building a smart society of which China is currently leading.

The Chinese Ambassador noted that China is happy with Hon Nwulu for being the first African legislator whose bill was laid at the floor of the United Nations General Assembly and which has become a global campaign tool. He maintained that Tony is a critical thinker
a solution provider hence the Chinese Government would be open to doing business with Imo State should he emerge as the Governor.

Yong further hinted that already the Government of China has signed a bond with ndi Imo to aggressively pump in billions of dollars into her economy to cushion the effect of the over #321 billion internal and external debt burden incurred by the present government of Rochas Okorocha should they deliver Hon. Tony Nwulu.

Now the issue at stake is for ndi Imo to look beyond sentiments to elect someone who has got the international reach, support and contacts to help salvage our dear state from its imminent collapse. The truth is that going by the indices on ground, it would take the incoming administration to go out of her way to revive the economy of the state and definitely international support through investments would be key.

The Chinese Government already has a system that is working and she has turned to be the fastest growing economy in the world about to overtake America if she hasn’t done so. When we talk about Technology, you know that China has shown strength and ingenuity and the government is coming to establish nearly same in Imo state upon Nwulu’s assumption of office.

China is well known for Technology and in line the aspiration of Nwulu of making Imo ICT compliant by turning her into the ICT hub centre for Africa. Imo shall be the centre of excellence in IT related issues.

The choice is that of ndi Imo to make; to either chose to remain stagnated or to move forward.

To either suffer for the next 4 years because of their wrong choice or to recreate a system that works learning from the Chinese experience.

If we desire a fresh start, if we desire to have our schools working again, if we desire to have good healthcare system, etc then WE MUST DESIRE AND WORK TOWARDS MAKING NWULU OUR GOVERNOR.


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