Dealing with Pharisees Madness in church,by Pst. Onyekachi Okere

Reading from Luke.6:1-20 Pastor Onyekachi okere of Assemblies of God church no5 bus stop Naze, Owerri.In is sermon today described a Pharisees as a member of a ancient Jewish political party, a social movement, and a school of thought among Jews that flourished during the Second Temple Era (536 –70 ). The movement was ultimately the basis for most contemporary forms of Judaism.They are seen everywhere in our various churches today, well dressed,calm but very observant.Their characteristics includes:1. They are fault finders.They are good in finding fault and will never see nor admit their own fault, they were busy following Jesus to find a fault, they accused his disciples of plucking corn ears on a sabaath, but Jesus in his great wisdom referenced David and the shew bread,2. They don’t have sympathy of others; when Jesus restored the impotent hand of the lady in the Temple they came again with reasons instead of been happy that healing has taking place, today in the church when God blesses a member they will query the source, and give reasons why they should not celebrate with that member.3. They are accusers; always looking for who to accuse, if not pastor and his family, it will a member or another leader in the church always running and looking for who to run down, Pharisees madness.4. They value culture more than God and life. They will remind you how their forefathers was doing it not minding the dispensation and what Bible says especially when it’s in their favour or gain.5. They knows and loves the law but don’t live by it, they will always quite law for you, yet they are the people breaking the law claiming immunity clause and excuse, Pharisees madness.6. They can’t give money for the church project but will always criticize those who donate for the work of God accusing them of proud and buying popularity, their duty is to discourage doing well brethren if they refuse,the Pharisees will level false accusations on them. They are the petition writers in the church, holding meetings in a member’s house against pastor or another member.ANTIDOTE FOR THE PHARISEES MADNESS.Ignore them and move forward in doing good and in ur service to God.Don’t be a party to their evil meetings and avoid their unholy counsel.Don’t make them friend.Confront them whenever they bring false report about anybody, tell them you ask the person and they will disappear.Always expose their unholy behavior and they will avoid you.Food for thought…..Have you accused anybody wrongly? Have you hated someone over nothing?What about gossip and envy?Hatred and hypocrite?Ask God for forgiveness and turn back to God, He will forgive you.For covering of your Sunday services and events. Contact us on 08110708268. Pscnews blog.

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