Democracy, truly practiced all over the world, is the best form of governance.

It is aptly defined as government of the people, for the people and for the people.

One of the cardinal features of democracy of the principal of one man , one vote. It is a principle which is hinged on the premise that every adult of voting age can rightly make informed judgment of who and who will be given authority to serve the society based on apriori agreements codified into a body of documents called the constitution and laws.

Democracy envisaged that the population has become too large that members of the society can no longer be able to meet together in a village or community square to debate on issues. Thus, the whole society through the exercise of their universal sufferage franchise decide to cede their power and authority of decision making on how resources are generated and distributed to few men and women in trust.

By this principle, the true POWER, which belongs to the people are enthrusted into the hands of a few to exercise as desired by the people and for their overall benefits.

That power and authority freely given by the majority to these few men and women of service, for a defined period of times, was not designed or intended to create monsters, megalomaniacs, despots and emperors out of the temporary or periodic power holders. But to give them that latitute to exercise freely without deviation from what was agreed upon in the statute books .

The free media (both physical and virtual) are supposed to be free indeed. The people and the media are not supposed to be gagged or maimed for sharing news items (fake or factual) , no matter how unpalatable such maybe to the power holder and his minions. There are laid down rules for handling misinformation. Misinformation actually works and runs fast, when the factual information is slow to leave the starting blocks

This is where transparency and accountability comes in. One of the greatest weapon used to kill fake and misleading information or news is transparency and accountability.

No power or authority holder, who is proactively transparent and accountable can easily be taken down by fake news merchants . A power or authority holder is not just expected to be honest, accountable and transparent, he or she is expected to show such virtues in more proactive and forceful ways that unerves and easily disarms their traducers.

When members of a society and the power givers ( the residual owners of that authority and power you exercise ) know how their funds are generated and disbursed transparently, proactively and periodically without any solicitation, they will love you and loathe the fake news merchants. Sometimes, these fake news merchants throw those fake news into the system because access to the factual news has become burden of sisyphian proportion.

It is only ignorant members of the society, (lacking sound knoweldge of where the true power resides and who do not appreciate that they are the real and residual power/authority owners) that inadvertently emboldens the servants to become despots and emperors. They inadvertently create these despots through sychophancy, lickspittling, moronity and conscienceless hero worshipping of their servants. The paradox of beggars riding on horses, while the real princes and princesses clutch hunger plates and walk bare feet.

May God give us all understanding and open our eyes to our responsibilities as the gate keepers of our land in Jesus name amen.

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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