Easy ways to prevent and treat stubborn sicknesses and diseases with this liquid medicine. It was researched in over 62 Universities, contains over 400 nutrients, and approved by Doctors all over the world.

DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE GOLBAL LTD Is a direct sales MLM Company formed by two brothers Milind thakker and Dhwal thakker in November 2017.

The Company was invented to provide extraordinary products and services to the market. Currently, the company hold offices at G.I.D.C. Mira road Mumbai, NEW DELHI, KOLKATA INDIA respectively.

The company spreads and markets top of the line DE ULTIMATE REWARDLIFE manufactured by AROGYA JYOTI GMP CERTIFIED FACTORY INDIA. and exceptional blended herbs. DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE is the only direct sales company accredited by AROGYA JYOTI as its exclusive distributor for Direct sales in India.


JAVARA (Triticun Sativum) kumara (Alovera) Lilicha (Lemon Grass), Lower cholesterol, Detoxifies the bodyPrevent cancer ,Helpful for the treatment of staphylococcus Aureus Stomach disorders (constipation), Treatment insomnia Respiratory Disorders (Asthma), Cures Fever Treats Infections, Reduces Aches Nervous System, Helpful for type 2 Diabetes, Prevents Rheumatism Boosts the immune system, Skin care (soothes rashes and skin irritations) & psoriasis Cellular health, Treats Edema Aromatherapy Obesity, Helpful for body odor Insect Repellent Culinary Usage, Helpful for Fibroid Itching Provides Antioxidants and reduces Inflammation Treatment for Osteoarthritis Depression, Heals cold sores Moisture hair & scalp Aids Digestion Helpful for blood purification Control of stomach worms Improves muscles tone and act as a good Source of Vitamins. It balances Hemoglobin levels It has over 370 nutrients.

Harde (Terminaliachebula) Baheda (Terminalia Belerica) (Emblica Offinalis) Helpful for liver function (NAFLD & CIRRHOSIS), JAUNDICE and removes excess Body fat. Helps balance body sugar Supports a healthy Reproduction Promotes stable and healthy energy levels Protector and tonic for the heart by Supporting healthy cholesterol levels and Integrity and cleanliness of the arterial walls. Cleanses and nourishes the blood Awakens Digestion Promotes healthy hair Tonic for a clear mind Corrects the flow of Vata Protects and Tonifies the eyes Improves hair health. It takes care of the Gall Stones Helpful for Gastrointestinal conditions Helpful for Anaemia Help you have a clearer eye sight, cure Acne. Control its sugar levels Relieves Hemorrhages. Absorbs fluids from the intestines Increases longevity Increases libido sex Helpful cure for headache Helpful cure for loss of Appetite Removes and treats Tumors Helpful for Impotency Treats Diarrhea.

(Emblica officinalis) It’s an anti oxidant It prevents from free radicals. It reduces inflammation, arthritis, Osteoporosis and pancreas and age related Renal disease It’s an energizer It promotes healthy urinary health Boosts protein metabolism Helpful in flushing out toxins without over stimulating the Kidney It takes care of cardiovascular problems It reduces acidity Helpful for bacterial infection Helpful for stronger teeth and healthy nail…

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