Evang.Prince speaks on the Foolish virgins pt.1

Why were they foolish? Bcos they didn’t come with extra oil, was it their fault? The bride groom didn’t give them specific time,they were kind enough to be there on time and even allowed their lantern to be on while waiting,to the extent that they all(10virgins)slept off, Bible also talked about the groom “delaying” whose fault? Yet they were ready to wait for eternity to welcome the groom who did not give them time and delayed as well.

2. Bible says while they were asleep both wise and foolish that is to say they waited long and get tired, but at midnight there was a shout that d groom was around,they all jumped up with joy to welcome the Groom. Chai what a disappointment, it was then they checked time and it was midnight. Lo! Their lantern was going down.

3. They begged their fellow virgins to borrow them a little extra oil they refused. Why should a virgin be hardened or should I say wicked? Instead they suggested to them to go out and buy by after “midnight” will you go out if you are the one. Yet they left to search with their own money,moving from store to store, house to house to buy oil, finally they saw and bought, But! But!! But!!!, On returning to the banquet hall the door was shut, and the order was nobody comes in and goes out.

4. They cried all day yet the door did not open again, what was their offense? Self error, self mistake, foolishness but they were expected to come with extra oil, even though they were not good to do so nor time given.
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