Foolish Virgins part two… Evang Prince.

In part one of this message we saw how the Virgins tried to put in their best to make sure the marriage was colourful but five were later labeled foolish because of a little mistake which was not put into consideration.

Still in matt.25

When they finally bought their oil and came back they were told that it’s late for them because the groom is already in. The lesson in that parable.

Even though,the virgins were not informed to come with extra oil nor informed about the delay in coming of the groom, they were expected to use the common sense God gave to them to reason, (Plan B). As a believer who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, wheather you received Him by yourself, or by conviction of others or whatever means you are expected to live by the rules of moral and biblical injunctions, because whom you are serving is a spirit whom don’t see but he sees you and does anything without consulting you.

Some people do say the Bible did not tell them not to drink alcohol, remember the Virgins we’re not told to come with extra oil, others will say it does not matter when and how I do it, it matters when they came back and the door were already shut. Many believer today have taken God for granted and don’t care about how they live their lives anymore because they think they own it. Brother listen,the groom delayed but he later came, Jesus might have delayed but He will surely come again.

They waited and got tired just as many have complained of long suffering,delay in the promises of God to them, delay in marriage, ministry set backs and many have decided to sleep and others decamped to help themselves, but the problem is not you sleeping or going out but do you know when that sudden voice will call? Bible said at midnight, when they were fast asleep a loud voice came shouting behold the Groom,they all heard it but there was a difference.

Many will be in the church, but will not be raptured, others will be preaching but will be left behind. The 10 Virgins heard the voice but the difference was that their light where dimmed,while the other five had extra oil with them that is “PREPARATION” We must be prepared at all times, because He will come unexpectedly. The other foolish virgins just came and relaxed, carelessly not minding what next, they were just contempted that they have entered, no preparation,no plan B, not even a thought of what if… So many believers today are okay answering a child of God not minding their live styles , not boddered with what is happening in the church,they don’t care about the message of salvation, they claim to be believers but no evidence of salvation.
The oil and lantern as used in the book of Matt 25, was referring to our lives styles as individuals, the way we talk, speak to others, live our lives in secret, criticism, fornication, lying for or against, bringing others down, jealousy, wickedness etc. If anyone is guilty of this and more it means your lantern is going down and you don’t have extra oil. Make haste to buy oil and have extra before the master comes. “VIRGINS BUT FOOLISH”.

Can one be a virgin and still be foolish? Join us in the part three of this series. God bless you. Evang. Prince.

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