Grassroot initiative for servant leadership…thumbs Tony Nwulu

Another epoch event marking the adoption and endorsement of Hon. Tony Nwulu as the next governor took place again this day 12th February,2019 in Owerri Ñorth. This time is the Grassroot initiative for servant leadership Owerri federal constituency at Agbala. Speaking earlier the founder and National leader of the Organization Pst. Prince greeted all for been at the meeting despite the urgency of the circular calling for the gathering and said it’s a team spirit attitude and assured them that God is involved.

He furher lamented that the leaders they supported last time has turned out to be wolves in sheep clothing and charge them never to repeat same mistake this time. “We must get it right this time”

He told them we are not sharing money not making empty promises, but if we get it right now money will come in due time, don’t sell your PVC nor your conscience but with prayers and right guidelines we will get it better this time.

Tony Nwulu is not my brother, not my in-law, not my friend, but I saw something in him from afar that propelled me to work for him, he did not send for me, but I forced myself to work and that he wins, even if he will not remember me tomorrow but do the needful for imolites am satisfied.

So anything thing you see here to eat or drink is from my personal pocket to show support for good governance


Am leader for some time now I have Not tell you lies nor deceive you and that is why you answered me now. So the same way we have been doing it before let us do it again.

Tony Nwulu is a youth, a man of God, he listens and a friend to the poor, by the grace of God he will not forget us. He has started empowerment already that will continue even after he must have win the election. All .asking us is to use our PVC wisely on 3rd march to give Tony the first four years to salvage us from familiocracy in imo state. President Buhari said it here that we should vote conscience accross party lines.(Tony Nwulu) we can’t afford to disappoint ourselves.

A man who won election is another tribe Yoruba and they were happy even calling him to go again, won’t he do better in his accessorial home.

Responding the Owerri North coordinator of the Grassroot initiative for servant leadership and the women leader Pastor Akim and Mrs Ukwu assured their National leader that they will come out enmass and vote UPP in the gubernatorial election in Imo State and that they will vote in block for Tony since he have assured them of dividends in UPP government in Imo come March 3rd, 2019.

Finally Pst. Prince thanked them and ask them to vote any person of their choice in the forth coming election but reserve their votes for Tony Nwulu of UPP in gubernitorial. In attendance were clergy men, laity, youths and women. Go in time, get accredited, cast your vote ,wait for it to be counted them go to your house.

Remember ebe Esere Ishiagu.

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