Kidnapping of Police officers in Rivers…suspect nabbed

The evil that men do lives with them! In recent years, Nigerians have experienced something that has now become a daily routine and a way of life, back in the 90s or earlier, the menace of kidnapping was something strange to the general polity, society was not familiar with such phenomenon and when it happens it was usually an earth-shattering event.

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Curiously, however, kidnapping has slowly sneaked into the daily fabric of Nigerian society, it all started as a means of fighting the oil companies and making a statement to the Nigerian government by aggrieved Niger Delta youths and communities.

This indeed got the attention of the government and more often than not, the affected oil companies pay to have their precious expatriates released, the promise of easy money made the crime lucrative to criminal elements and it soon no longer became a means to fight for freedom and justice, it now became a get rich quick scheme.

Criminals turn to kidnap people of other nationalities when this was no longer available, the turn to kidnapping wealthy Nigerians or anyone close to them, this is the reality of life in Nigeria today. A case in point is the one involving a young and notorious criminal who is said to have been terrorizing Umudioga community in Emohua local government area of Rivers state along with his gang members and has been arrested.

The suspect was nabbed by ONELGA Security, Planning and Advisory Committee (OSPAC) in Rivers State, after his charms which were both tied round his neck and waist – failed him. It was gathered that a police officer and other victims were rescued after the security agents engaged the criminal gang in a battle.

According to reports, the young criminal allegedly terrorized the community by raping many ladies in the bush, robbing and kidnapping other victims. When he was interrogated by the security operatives, he revealed that the gang members always went on operation with their leaders identified as Akrekre and Oyeamuma. The suspect has been handed over to the police for investigation and prosecution.

This is coming a few months after a similar incident had occurred. A 15-year-old kidnapper identified as Praisegod Nwafor, had been arrested along with members of his gang following an intelligence report on their kidnapping activities which they confessed to have started since 2016.

According to the confession of the teenage boy who serves as a watch man for his gang, he revealed that he goes about checking the residences of their supposed victims, which includes trailing the victim’s day-to-day activities, after which he brings all necessary information to the leader of the gang before they carry out the operation. He was arrested alongside his kidnapping boss by men of the E-Crack Tactical Team led by the Commander, CSP Ademola Adebayo under the Command of CP Zaki Ahmed, Commissioner Of Police Rivers State.

What do you think can be done to curb the menace of kidnapping and armed robbery in Nigeria? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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