Lesbianism…Part one

#There is an issue that have been given me concern I want us to look into it…

YES, Lesbianism has taken over our young girls in this country, 30% the girls you see on the street, both secondary school students, University undergraduates, un-employed graduates and none graduates, working class ladies, bankers, school teachers, directors, traders and even the clergies.
They are everywhere you go, example on the streets you see them in pairs(two) one will dress like a guy(man) sagging her breast flat without bra, maybe so that people will mistake her for a boy, with low cut hair style with Jerry coil, walking like a guy and act like a guy, just to show that she is the man. While the other girl will be so calm, dressed like half a lady half a man, talk softly and romantic to the other, always taking instructions from the aclaimed husband girl, they will be parading the street calling themselves pet names husband and wife.
On the side of secondary school students they walk in groups or pairs and do things in common, but kisses and caress each other in the secret, even having sex with objects like candles, bottles, carrot and cucumbers. You may hardly discover this amongst them except your have been a teacher or have a knowledge of that. The worst of it now is that sisters of Same families are doing this under their parents nose and roof without them knowing it.

For undergraduates they live together like roommates but only God knows what happens when they are alone or at night. They have clubs and knows each other. They can quarrel and fight if any is discovered dating another lady or have a boy friend. What a world?

The use their pants,bra,cloths, toothbrush,soap, and other items together as husband and wife, watch out for them in every supermarket, shopping malls, hospitals, clubs, and hospitals.
As for the teachers they are the ones encouraging the little ones and forms this clubs, most times they pretend to be caring over the welfare of any girl they love. Buying things for her, advising her to be a good girl and buying under-wears for them. In some cases they invite them to their houses and present the under-wears and encourage them to test it there so that they see if it fits them once the victim oblagged they will praise her and start to touch her small and ask her how she feels, from there suckling of her breast and caressing and sexually abused them, Tomorrow such victims will begin to feel it and will always want to visit the so called Auntie. Am going this details to open the eyes of parentz and guidance ask your wards who they love most among her teachers and find out why!! Then probe a little and I you will certainly be afraid on your findings….


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