The greatest tragedy that befell Nigeria since the advent of this 4th republic is the prevalence of brown envelope loving, food is ready, lazy, incompetent, complicit, cowardly, greedy and wicked men and women, masquerading as media men and journalists in the system. (with few exceptions)I felt like puking watching the lame attempt of Maupe Ogun of Channels TV to distract Katch Ononuju from marshalling his factual submissions that clearly proved the presence of many foreign herdsmen and bandits in Nigeria today.These lazy, atrociously incompetent, food is ready, and compromised characters will sit at the comfort of their studios in Abuja and Lagos and be arguing stupidly over things they do not even understand. What manner of impudence is this?If truly we have investigative journalists and media men in Nigeria, we would’ve had serious media scoops that would have helped us to unravel the root causes and perpetrators of some of the evils and banditry that have happened over the last 4 years in Nigeria. The double jeopardy here is that we have mainly incompetent pepper soup and beer loving men and women as security and intelligent agents in the land.Someone risked his life to travel across villages and communities across Nigeria to scoop and glean factual information you could not unravel as a media practitioner, rather than allow the man the space and freedom to share this piece of information that can help Nigerians to be better informed, you try to shut him up or distract his thought process by screaming conspiracy theory. WHO DOES THAT?God help us

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