Conduct the election all over again, the Igbos will reject PMB all over again. In the end history will continue to vindicate them.
That’s why they are very unique ethnic group that are Often driven by ideology and set of ideals, and most certainly have been misunderstood by others.Adam’s Oshiomole and the rest can only be relevant in a dysfunctional state like Nigeria. Otherwise a bunch of them would’ve been speaking from behind the prison walls not from elevated podium of political party leadership.As it is, even majority of the Igbos are not interested in the so called Igbo Presidency under the dysfunctional constitution. They want a restructured Nigeria. If not now, then later, this contraption must return to that path or risk other more devastating scenario as simple as that. When that comes to pass, all should remember where the Igbos stood when everyone else is taking script from Oshiomole and his gangs.It is amazing how the so called educated elites simply think that a huge nation like Nigeria under the so called constitutional democracy will all belong to one party all will simply fall over themselves behind PMB.The Igbos are not like other feudalist tribes, or those ones that have one brain box that think for them all from somewhere in one corner of Lagos. They are not monolithic in their thinking and they are driven by higher convictions not dirty intrigues of the passing moment. That’s what sets them apart.

That’s why they continue to excel in any other well organized society where competence, Merit, hardwork and integrity rules. Yes, it has played against them here in Nigeria, but even at that, they are not prepared to make a permanent decision under temporary inconvenience. Power is very transient. Four years in the mindset of a Black man is a very long time, but for Oyibo it is just a flash.
That’s why they plan their Olympics and other events nearly ten years in advance. They precedents they are setting today is basically sowing the seeds that will simply lead to the demise of this Nation no tripod can stand on two legs talk more of trying to sit on it. Mere disaster in the making.Those who cannot explain politics always want to lecture the Igbos about politics. Have they bothered to know how this nation was built? Where were they when young men and women played the real politics of independence and setting up a new nation?
I recommend they go and read the Late Kingsley Ozuomba Mbadiwe ‘s REBIRTH OF A NATION. I highly recommend this book then after reading it, they can better understand on who’s back this nation was built. They will also understand why the Igbos are the way they are.The embarrassment is on those Igbos that are dwelling in fools paradise following people that hate and resent them for who they are and not what they’ve done. Look at how foolish the likes of Chief Ogbonnaya Onu and other hordes of other apologists look right now. What do they have to show for the company they’ve been keeping. OUK and other newly elected Senators shall try but they will come short because what drives the marginalization is beyond one election.Meanwhile we have a President that does not realize that once elections are over, governance begins with everybody inclusive. If anything, his preoccupation should be to win over those who for some reasons do not believe in him. The likes of Oshiomole do not understand this basic principle of party politics. Little wonder some truly believe that great many of our so called leaders of Oshiomole mindset belongs to animal kingdom, zoo and not to a civilized society more so as party leaders.
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