Owerri: Criminals and Robbers takes over Douglas, school road, Weathral Junction and other streets in broad day Light.

On Friday I was returning from umuahia around 7:30 pm, I stopped at fire service bcos of the heavy traffic, only to board a bus-imo and one young man was crying and murmuring, on enquiry I discovered that he was robbed of his phones at gun point at Weathral junction by Emmanuel college Owerri, and warn him that if he shout they will kill him and nobody not even police or government can do anything.

Last year as I was running around for my wedding, one Sunday evening in September I was coming back from a programme,only for two boys of about 15&17 years walked briskly opposite my direction and kwacked me,I turned instead of them to beg me, they raised their voices at me yelling and even held me by my waist threatened to kill me if I dare them that they are cultists, finally they left me only for me to discover that my phone I bought 85k few days before then has disappeared.
People were walking left and right and nobody cared to look my way.
Few week ago another friend narrated the same same story as it happened to me, though he pleaded and they said to him, that they don’t want to hurt him bcos he was not hurt. It was then they brought his phone and gave back to him, he didn’t even know that they have taken his phone.

Some months back in front of school road by Douglas adjacent to rotobi few guys saw a lady with her phone and called her, she politely greeted them and they say to her why flying out colour so you are a cultist, before the girl could open her mouth she was slapped an Sher phone collected from her, before she could plead again one of them brushed her and she landed on the ground with inner wears exposed the hoodlums went away with her phone. People where there but everyone minded there business.

Some weeks ago lady was shot dead along rotobi bcos she challenged those who snatched her phone, till now Government is yet to make a statement on that.

Ama JK is not left out.
I want to say this… If the police and other security agencies are tired or weak to get Theis criminals out of our streets then Government should look for alternative.
If local vigilantes can not help, I propose for the return of BAKKASSI BOYS, to keep our streets and environment safe once again.

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