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Palm Frond (Omu nkwu) according to ibos is the tender and most recent leave of the palm trees, infact it’s the palm tree in disguise because without the palm fronds there will be no palm tree. Palm Frond is the first thing that spraws out from the palm nut at its germination,from there when it grows older the owner will prone it, as it continues the palm stem will be noticed and exists from where the leaves were cut off from.

Palm frond is what determines the life spam of a palm tree itself this because once the frond stops coming out growing old the tree itself will die,also that’s where the sign of death emanates in a palm tree.


Palm Frond can be used to do so many things in igboland,

1. it is used to producehand-fan, as we are in dry season and heat is disturbing frond can be used to produce fan and blow for breeze.

2. It can be used to produce mat which can be used to sit or sleep to ease the heat.

3. It can be used to tie package in our native name(ngwugwu) it could be ugba, ogiri, akpuruakpu egwusi, etc.and it’s unique when used to tie any of these..

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4. Palm frond is used to celebrate cultural festival like masquerade festivals, it is used to prepare the mask won by masquerade themselves.

5. Palm Frond can be used to identify land that is in dispute and once it is placed on a particular land nobody goes in that land until the matter is settled, and usually it’s the Oji offor’s that puts it and settle the dispute as well.

6. Palm Frond is used to mark evil in the land or to show that spirit will be passing and people will not be seen outside in such cases palm Frond is dropped on the said road paths.

7. When there is war in a family or compound and incidentally somebody died in the process or when the community decide to excommunicate a particular compound palm Frond is placed on the gate of the compound.

8. It is used also to stop one from continuing to build on a land that is in dispute, once it’s placed on any part of the building work stops.

9. Frond is used to invite one to the shrine of the chief priest or to a meeting in d persons absence, once he sees it he know where he should go to answer. It’s dropped at the door step of the person involved.

10. Native doctors uses it to decorate their shrines to show the presence of the spirit and to chase evil spirit away. As it is used to show demacation on land and properties.

11. It’s used to identify a car that is carrying a corpse.

12. It can also be placed to someone’s shop who is demised as a way to announce to people that such a fellow is no more.

13. It is used to show something sacred

14. Children usually use palm Frond to tie fire wood from the bush to the house.

15. Palm from is used to sweep compound, it is from it that broom is gotten from.

16. When It is placed on an object, like sand, fence, blocks etc. It means no go area and nobody should touch it until it is discovered why it was placed there.

Igbo Land palm Frond is a highly necessity product,that everyone knows about, and it’s symbol is synonymous with every Igbo man.
We will take you to the next level on the importance of palm tree and it’s produce to the Igbo Nation.

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