I was overcome by emotions and empathy at the large crowd of my Okigwe Zone brothers , who trooped to Owelles house in Abuja to celebrate the release of his Certificate of Return by INEC.

They realise clearly that Owelle is now representing Orlu Zone and that Okigwe Zone is no longer under him . They do not care that they have their own Okigwe Zone Senate position still hanging in the air . To them all that matters is that surest roots to remain politically relevant and remain Within Owelles political sights in case something drops from his political table or slot to fix them.

Some people feel that perhaps they are under a kind of spell or bound to an oath. But sincerely , I do not think there is any oath taken here. It is a classical case of the hen and her chicks . Owelle has been so good to these guys. He practically picked a majority of them from the back side of the desert of economic destitution and totally rehabilitated and rebranded them.

He showed most of them such uncommon loyalty and kept faith with them in terms of recycled political appointments, even, when he knew that they lacked skills , knowledge , capacity etc and were not fit and proper for the assignments he gave to them.

So, the doting solidarity and bumper to bumper walk we see now is akin to the lives of the chicks and the hen . The chicks are lost without the hen

You know that most of them played that brand of sycophantic politics that does not allow one to have a mind of his own

It was just a case of whatever the emperor does is good. Whoever he picks is the best

If he nominates a donkey, they will all hail it as the captain of empowerment

No one bothered to pause and say to him , but Nnanyi ukwu , what of if we do it This way or that way ?

It was a case of the king can never be wrong

See , my people , to play or participate in that brand of politics , that is akin to a cult like thing, you must first suspend your brains, conscience and kill your emotions.

It is so sad , but that is the reality that stare us in the face

I feel so sorry for most of them . Real empathy

God help us

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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