PSCNEWS MEDIA, GOVERNANCE BY DECEIT. By Nnaemeka Obiaraeri. 09/09/19


It breaks my heart anytime I read hapless and oppressed citizens of Nigeria, offer ignorance laced lame and tepid defence of bumbling political office holders.

The problems of Nigeria is not a PDP, APC, LP, APGA, UPP etc blame game match. The problems of Nigeria is not a Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Hausa, Fulani, TIV, Idoma, Jukun etc wahala. The problems of Nigeria is not an Islamization or Christianization or Amadioharization chellenges.

The root cause of Nigeria’s rot and woes can be directly traced to the post 1966 constitutional, fiscal, governance and socioeconomic framework of Nigeria. This warped structure was made worse by the Abdulsalami Abubakar satanic verses called the 1999 constitution.

The inability of our people to reset our constitutional framework and save us all from the damnable, destitute and precarious endangerment occassioned by this satanic verses, can be traced to the collusion between the spineless southern and Northern politicians.

The feudal core North led by the Fulanis, will not want any change to the status quo, that benefits them wholesomely. The spineless political class from the south and middle belt have refused to utilize their economic and number powers to break their resolves and get this jungle totally restructured for the benefit of all.


Between 1999-2007, Dr. Peter Odili as PDP governor of River state squandered over N50billion to do a power project that never worked. On the day of commissioning of the phantom Project, he allegedly hired 250kva generator and invited Obasanjo to commission it as the completed Power Project. Trust the foxy Obj, he later found out what happened and swore that Odili will never be Vice President. The rest is history. He is still walking free as a statesman.

In the same River state, the then PDP Governor Rotimi Amaechi started a 12km Light Rail project within the same period in 2009 that the Addis Ababa Municipal Government in Ethiopia started similar 17km light rail project in Ethiopia. After squandering over N33billion out of the N50billion/$202million earmarked for the project, Amaechi abandoned it at km 2.6 till today to take up appointment as the transport minister under APC Buhari. The same Amaechi is currently borrowing billions of dollars to do a rail project under public sector looting at grossly inflated pricing (When Ghana is doing similar rail projects at almost half the cost of Nigeria’s under honest PPP arrangements). He is yet to account for the massive loot of River state resources. He is today an untouchable under the saintly APC government .

The Ethiopians have long gone ahead to complete and commission their own rail project , which today ferries over 15,000 passengers per hour at average cost of N110 per trip.

The newly commissioned and operational rail project in Ethiopia is currently functioning and generating over $29m annually in revenue under a PPP framework. They have started works on the second phase that will have capacity to ferry 60,000 passenger every hour.

In Imo state, one iberiberism chief, an APC governor, who used Imo treasury to rescue himself and his cronies, built a block work tower for N750million. He used fronts and Special Purpose Looting Vehicles to misappriopriate over N200billion of Imo funds and public assets. Today, he sits in the senate and still prance around as a messiah. Most unfortunately, we have thousands of grossly misguided Nigerians, who still worship/celebrate him as their messiah.

Nigeria is litered with multitudes of similar tales of woes and wickedness. Accountability, probity, transparency, progress and creativity in governance have ab-initio been slaughtered in the 1999 satanic verses called consitution.

Please stop being used to push the satanic narrative of these politicians. Stop making the issue of misgovernance in Nigeria an APC, PDP, UPP things. Stay focused, study, research and honestly/selflessly demand for the total restructuring of Nigeria, while holding the feet of the political office holders to the fire in demand of good governance.

Don’t forget to help me also to encourage my good man, Governor Seyi Makinde (GSM) for the good works he is doing in Oyo state. His twitter handle is @seyiamakinde. Follow me @emekabk21

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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