It pains me so much that any rational, analytical and objective person will dare compare Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo state to Rochas Okorocha or any of the Bubuyaya scam artists , you all refer to as Governors .

Comparing this Seyi to Rochas shows clearly that most of you may not truly know or understand what basic good governance yardsticks are.

Firstly, Seyi Makinde is the only elected Executive at any level of government in Nigeria , after that good man Yar Adua to have openly declared his assets and liabilities for the whole world to see.

He did it as a sign of his intentions to run a very transparent, accountable, honest and open government. For a PDP elected governor, who defeated the APC candidate and fought against the lying propagandists in APC to openly declare his assets and liabilities , knowing fully well that they can use Magu and Fowler to come after him for any missteps shows clearly a man with good track records and who have no skeleton in his cupboard.

Secondly, he is the first elected executive in the history of Nigeria to waive his immunity and requested to be arrested and probed anytime they desire.

He also domesticated and established a truly independent anti graft agency in his state.

Thirdly, Seyi Makinde single handedly within days of being elected governor, banned and caged the activities of the notorious NURTW in Oyo state . Something that Lagos state government has not been able to do here in Lagos for 20 years .

Fourthly, he openly and brazenly banned open grazing in his state and have empowered his state Agbekoya and people to protect themselves against the activities of the terrorist herdsmen

Seyi Makinde has very solid private sector track records of accomplishment and own chains of truly value adding and productive enterprises and corporations with known addresses and employees . Seyi has been in solid enterprise and productive businesses for over 2 decades with known works and productive endeavors that have added so much to our national GDP ( please make Google your friend for just 5 minutes to confirm all this ) .

Seyi Makinde is highly read and educated.

How any sane and rational person will compare his early solid moves to that of the 419 rochas, who used Imo treasury to rescue himself from heavy debt and liabilities baffles me to no end.

That most of you refused to conduct simple due diligence or lack capacity to conduct simple desk top appraisal of the con artists that you support as your candidates and elected leaders, who later turned out to be mindless looting monsters does not mean that everyone is blind.

Seyi Makinde may not be perfect and ofcourse will have his foibles as a human being, but trying to compare him to Rochas in any form and manner is an insult to the man .

Seyi, like Peter Obi will create value for his state and people. I am not saying he may not chopoooo. But I can bet my finger that he will not be so stupid and greedy to build “aka awolowo” tower at the center of Ibadan with N750m like the Iberiberism rogue . He is smart , intelligent, creative and value adding . He will not corner or convert his state FAAC and JAAC into his pocket money like the mindless iberibe man

Let’s open our eyes . Learn , study and apply your common sense.

In Seyi , I see another glimmer of governance hope in the south. It is not yet uhuru under this satanic document called the 1999 constitution, but in him we have another southern politician with brain in his skull and audacity to dare the little walk of hope

God bless us

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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