Ephesians 5:18 says;
18 “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;”
Assemblies of God Nigeria doesn’t approve of drinking any form of alcoholic beverages, this is because the line between moderate and excess can very thinny. Excess of very thing is a sin. Phil.4:5 says, “Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand”. Moderation is everything, if you hope to meet with Jesus Christ. All men must see your moderation. When a man is acting and all men are shouting in disapproval then you have to check your moderation. God doesn’t approve of excess except excess of the Holy Spirit, if you can. Even at that, the Spirit of the prophet must be under the prophet.

Again, I believe that Dr. ISANGADIGHI is a genuine and sincere child of God. He was the retired Gen. Treasurer of Assemblies of God Nigeria. He loved the ex-GS and was ready to go to any godly miles to assist him. Immediately the ex-GS was made the AGS, it seemed he decided to bring him very close, in order to help him become successful. Now and again, something would happen and he would call him to advise him. He helped to change some wrong impression people held against the then AGS before he became GS.

I remembered that at one time when the ex-GS was still the AGS, a meeting was called and everybody was there except the ex-GS, immediately he entered the meeting and watched the tread of discussion and realized that the ex-GS was not on seat, he went outside and called him. He demanded that, he must leave everything to attend the meeting. He watched for his back and the ex-GS respected him for that, I guess..

However, Dr Isangadighi remained a serious suspect because of his close relationship with Rev Dr Charles Osueke. After his retirement, he continued to call and make imputes where necessary. As long as his impute were not opposed to the ex-GS views, there was no problems. I should call him the Prophet Samuel of the Old testament to King Saul. Prophet Samuel did everything within his power to help King Saul but king Saul was impossible.

Consequently, Dr Isangadighi’s calls became more frequently when tension mounted everywhere in the General Council. I remembered that in about two occasions, I was with the ex-GS when Isangadighi’s call came in and he quietly ignored the calls and complained bitterly that Dr Isangadighi would not let him rest. That instead of the man to consecrate on his retirement, he prefers to bug him with advices as if to say both of them were elected into the office of the GS.

Anyway, his anger was that the Dr Isangadighi wanted him to reconcile with the Ambassadors and peacefully resolve the impasse. He didn’t like that, he wanted the Ambassadors to be ignored and silenced. Not only did he refused to pick up his calls at a point, he equally refused to return them. That was the situation until after March 6th, when he got drown, Dr Isangadighi called him and he picked up the phone.

Inspite of all the snub yet Dr Isangadighi still came down to Enugu and did his best to see if he can broker peace but then, the ex-GS wanted to have everything his way. Like Samuel of old, it could be said, that Papa Isangadighi wept for the ex-GS.

This is a man who refused to listen to all those who had been there before him, not even a former Governor nor a former Gen. Treasurer of the Assemblies of God Nigeria could swerve his resolve. Every one was a suspect no matter how well your intentions may be,as long as you are linked to Osueke one way or another, you are an enemy.

Like I said earlier, all the well meaning leaders of Assemblies of God Nigeria who were in the position to advice him did their best to do so. Many years ago I asked the ex-GS, ‘who are the men that affected your life positively in your younger age?’. He said that the number one man was, Prof. Ajah. Anyway, at the heat of the crisis, Prof Ajah mistakenly called his number while he intended to call one of the Ambassadors from his place. So, immediately the ex-GS pick up the phone, Ajah mentioned the name of the man he had in mind and greeted him in their native language. It was then the ex-GS reminded him that he was not the Ambassador but the GS.

That was all! Prof Ajah was declared an enemy for relating with an Ambassador from his place. Though, Ajah went ahead and told him that he also intended to call him also. He pleaded with him to do his best to resolve the impasse between him and the Ambassadors, so as to return the church back to peace. He told him that there is every need to end whatever the problems might be because he was the father of every one. After all the pleading that might have lasted for about 20-25mins as the case maybe, he told Ajah that he should help to advice the Ambassadors to go back to their various churches and be good members because they have no business in the national platform.

This is the difference between Charles Osueke and the ex-GS. While Charles Osueke was bringing people from all localities that have something to offer on the national platform, the ex-GS did everything possible to sideline those that had offered one thing or the other on the national platform to the church from participation. After this discussion with Prof. Ajah, he stopped taking his calls. That was how he rewarded the impart he claimed Prof Ajah made in his life.

He was the vice Chancellor of Evangel University. He and the principal officers of the university were dismissed from the University illegally, thereby breached the process of recruitment and removal stated down by the National University Commission (NUC). The ex-GS claimed that it was the decision of the board of administration of which he was the chairman. He forgot to add that he was the person that presented the need to remove them from their offices. Under his influence and manipulation, the board of administration approved their removal. It was a victory for him. Immediately, he went about their removal with such haste that one may wonder, what was at stake. That is in spite of a letter from NUC that questioned their removal and demanded for their restatement. He quickly sent someone to NUC and bribed them. It was at this point the Ambassadors intervened. Senator Egwu the chairman of the board of trustees intervened. His fellow members of the board of administration pleaded that their decision should be revisited but he refused. Prof. Umechuruba and his fellows later went to court. He was very happy because according to him, it would take years to get a court judgement.

What was the real offense of Prof Umechuruba? He was an in-law to Rev Dr Charles Osueke. He believed that as long as he was there, it was still as if Dr. Osueke was still in power. Hence, the desperation to remove him at all cost.Shockingly, Prof. Umechuruba had only two years remaining for his contract with the university to expire yet all appeal to allow him finish his tenure fall on deaf ears.

Sure! The ex-GS doesn’t believe in mercy but he desires mercy at his time of need. For instance, I visited his official resident one evening, I saw Umechuruba with his principal officers on their knees in his sitting room. They pleaded that whatever they have done to him, he should forgive. I was terribly moved by their humility and appeal. I left the sitting room and went upstairs. Later, he joined me in the sitting room upstairs. He began to laugh and make mockery of their pleading and right there vowed to deal with them. The only offense of Prof Umechuruba was that he happened to be the in-law by extension to Daddy Osueke.

Matt. 16:2-3
2 He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. 3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

God speaks to us by given us ability to discern signs of the times. Heb. 5:14 says that discernment is for those who are spiritually matured or of “full age” according to king James version. They have developed their spiritual senses to discern both good or bad. Therefore, God speaks to His children by given them the ability to hear His voice as they grow in Christ Jesus as a sheep. When we grow as sheep not lions but sheep which are characterised with gentleness, meekness and humility. Jesus Christ says only my sheep hear my voice. God speaks but He uses circumstances, friends, true ministers of the gospel, vision, audible voices, and regularly the inner witnesses or voice of the Holy Spirit. All these would mean nothing, if you lack discernment to specifically know how it concerns you. For instance, Apostle Paul was told by Prophet Agabus that he would suffer if he go down to Jerusalem. The whole believers and even Prophet Agabus were of the opinion that Apostle Paul should not go to Jerusalem. However, through discernment, Apostle Paul realized that suffering and death are the divine path to glory,(1Peter 2:19-21). With all confidence, Apostle Paul told them, not only am l ready to suffer but I am also ready to die for the gospel. He was able to discern the perfect will of God through his spiritual maturity which comes only through relationship with God and death to self.

I have said this to help you appreciate the role Dr Gabriel Michael and others played. They were instruments of signs but there were a total lack of discernment on the side of the ex-GS to understand what God was saying through these men.

Dr Gabriel was a staunch supporter of the ex-GS but he was also a prophet. He also regarded the ex-GS as one of his mentors. When the rumours of his overbearing nature started spreading, as a loyal friend, he went to the ex-GS, called him and his … Immediately he told them about the rumours and his fear that the system was heating up. They didn’t allow him to finish rather they disgraced him out of their house. I didn’t hear this from Dr Michael also known as Double Angel and I wasn’t there but both of them told me with their mouths how they disgraced him. Nevertheless, that was their number one sign. God speaks through signs but takes a spiritual man to properly discern what God was saying.

Another Prophet that God sent to save the ex-GS. Long before anyone came to know the ex-GS, Dr Ama was the man who began to position him for national platforms. He was well known and influential in the western part of the Country of the AGN. He promoted him in their Bible college, made him a part of the Youth conventions and influenced many pulpits to invite him for revival. By all these, such a man deserved to be a stakeholder in the progress of your ministry. I am sure Dr Amah saw himself as a stakeholder and people thought he was. He was the one so many ran to at the earliest day to submit their complaint and disappointments. Again, as a loyal friend, he came to them exactly like Dr Michael. The same way they dismissed Dr Michael, that was the same way he was dismissed. He promised them, he was never going to come back to the house and he never did.

However, I believe he saw it as his moral obligation to keep speaking to them. That was because, he to ex-GS about fourteen different email full of warning, alert, alarm and prophecies. I wish by any chance, he adhered to those timely calls. Some of them the ex-GS showed me and we would laugh about them. Relationship meant nothing to him, no matter what he had enjoyed before through such relationship. Once it stopped going his way, he drops it off and goes for another younger potential who is ignorant of how dangerous he could be. His aim in every relationship is to use you, smartly abuse you and then drop you whenever you start asking intelligent questions about critical issues. Dr Amah left and never looked back, so also went the western Nigeria AGN. That was also a second sign but there was no discernment.

I will say, that these two men were the most dedicated personal staff of the ex-GS. Rev Emeka Eze was the director of administration. He changed the face of that office through his charismatic leadership. I believe he is a prophet because God shows him things before they happen. While his fame grew through that office a prophecy came through one of those women that was paid to prophesy and see visions for the ex-Gs, that he was man that would destroy the GS in his second tenure. The ex-GS was asked to be careful because in his second tenure, Emeka Eze was going to hurt him. I was told about this prophecy and I literally became afraid. My fear was, if Emeka is a suspect then, who are mine? I felt very scared and uncomfortable. I know what led to that prophecy, Emeka stubbornly refused to sing our, “Osueke hates me” song. I don’t know why he did that rather he preferred to sing the praises of the ex-GS. He would praise him and call him all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable fantastic names. The ex-GS loves praises, so he would always make him a leader of service yet monitoring the prophecy because some of these women were seen as oracles.

Shockingly, Emeka Eze was the first to alert me of the danger ahead far before the crisis. When I started writing, he was still the man that warn me to be retrospect. However, I never so much as valued his words because I was told what their prophetess said, that he was going to cause disaffection among us.

I believe Emeka Eze is a true prophet but there is every possibility that he doesn’t know that he is a prophet. A prophet is not a man who close his eyes to prophesy rather he is a man who has the ability to discern the signs of the times. To me, Emeka Eze is one of the greatest disappointments in this AG crisis and I believe that one day, he would look back and wish he did the right thing. He saw the signs, he discerned them correctly yet, he chose to please man rather than God. He is like the prophet in the Bible whom God gave specific instructions but he chose to follow the voice of a backslidden older prophet. He ended up very badly.

Consequently, just before the full explosion of the crisis, Emeka Eze took one of the closest aide of ex-GS to meet him, Emmanuel Otobo. He has seen the hand writing on the wall as a prophet. He told the ex-GS that both of them wanted to meet them(Mr & Mrs) privately. They both agreed and they took Emeka Eze and Emmanuel Otobo into their private room. As soon as they entered the room both of them(Emeka and Emmanuel) knelt down and started pleading with them. It was at the middle of their plea that both received a heavy push that force them off balance and both hit the floor with their bare hands but narrowly escaped hitting their forehead on the floor. They were pleading for the ex-GS to rethink his approach and call the Ambassadors and also reconcile with the EC. The treatment they received was not because of what they said but because of the prophecy against Emeka Eze.

I am sure maybe, Emeka Eze is just knowing this for the first time through this write up. Anyway, both of them were disgraced out of the room and pushed from the room downstairs. Both were warned never to return again, however, they were welcomed back only after March 6th. Honestly, I doubt if I would have been a serious part of the crisis if I had any clue of this. I didn’t hear this on time, if I had any clue of this, maybe, I wouldn’t have been a part of this destiny destruction. I always fight for my colleagues and hardly for myself. These two ordinary men unfortunately, happened to be the last prophets sent by God save the ex-GS from this generational humiliation that he ended up in it. They treated like the prophets of old because they were prophets. All these men were sent by Charles OGBONNAYA OSUEKE. There are still so many more of his sins.


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