Prison Authorities Out of Negligence kills Smart Ohuzu (Awaiting Trial prisoner)
Yesterday, another one happened. This is the worst.
This time is a young man who was just remanded in Prison by a Delta State Magistrate court.
Two months he has been sick. Fellow inmates have been begging the prison authorities to please take Smart Ohuzu to the hospital.

Yesterday morning, Smart Ohuzu collapsed and Prison authorities called on the cell leader to gather N5000 from cell mates so they can transport him to Ogwashi Uku General hospital.
The poor prisoners contributed money. Some contributed 10naira, some 50naira and they were able to contribute 3,500naira. The money was remaining 1,500naira. These got Prison officers angry and refused to take Smart Ohuzu to hospital.

Inmates who saw Smart Ohuzu on the floor struggling, rush back to the cell and one inmate gave out the 1,500naira to enable officers take Smart Ohuzu to the Hospital.
Smart Ohuzu was rushed to Ogwashi Uku General hospital after they have collected the the money contributed.
Getting to the hospital, the doctors treated him and referred them to Federal Medical Center or Okwe General Hospital. The Doctor complained that they will stop accepting inmates from Ogwashi Uku Prison as they are always bringing inmates for treatment at the point of Death.

The officers, instead of taking Smart Ohuzu to the hospital the Doctor referred them, with chains on his leg they led him into the Green Maria (Black Maria) and took him back to the prison yard complaining of Man-power.
Smart Ohuzu was then chained and left in the cold, struggled and died with tears in his eyes.

Smart Ohuzu died three hours after he was forcefully brought back into the prison yard.
The inmates can’t complain, if they do, they either change their cell or punish them.
The pictures attached are the Awaiting trial prisoners rescued last year but unfortunately they both died and many the law state are Innocent until Proven guilty are dying daily and nobody is asking questions.

“A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones
# NelsonMandela , Long Walk to Freedom.

Copied from fbk.

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