After 8 years of Rochas Iberiberism governance, Ndi Imo have come to realise the difference between drowsiness and death.

From May 29, 2007 to May 29, 2011 ,pensioners who were sparingly owed one or two months pension arrears , cursed and ranted endlessly against Ikedi Ohakim.

Ikedi never owed salaries and wages in arears. But for the one or two months that the pensions were delayed during his reign, Ndi Imo cursed and abused him. Ikedi never accumulated heavy debt burdens. The only debt he incurred (which proceeds were left intact in government projects accounts) as government counterpart funding for the very innovative Oguta Wonder lake project, was squandered/siphoned by the iberiberism chief on white elephant projects.

Then, entered the delusional megalomaniac and the iberiberism chieftain- The pension payments disappeared. Salaries and wages were cut down to 70% as the spirit led him. Pensioners , who got paid perhaps once in two years, had their pensions slashed by 60%.

Today, the same pensioners, who were complaining of being owed one or two months arrears under Ikedi Ohakim, have not seen their pensions in the last 5-7 years. They are owed over N57billion in pension arrears.

Even the bailout of N26billion that Buhari provided to offset this huge liabilities were diverted and looted.

These huge cummulative liabilities and debt profile of over N230billion, were incurred over the last 94 months, at periods when crude oil prices averaged $108/barrel and output was at average of 2.45million barrel a day.

Yet, human beings with conscience and rationality wanted us to give a third term to such rapacious cankerworms.

God have mercy

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