SEYEA writes to Governor Okezie IKPEAZU of Abia State. Over Life Threats by his Aid.

15th October 2019_


H.E. Chief Okezie Ikpeazu,
The Executive Governor,
Abia State Government,
Government house,
Umuahia, Abia State.

Your Excellency,

We bring to you an unreserved respect, special greetings and Solidarity as we commend with high regards your services to the good people of Abia State.

South East Youths for Equity Alliance (SEYEA), is a widely accepted political youth body of South East Region, being the youth wing of South East Equity Alliance (SEA). Apart from our core focus on 2023 Nigerian Presidency of Igbo extraction, SEYEA goals, is to confront any issue militating against the well being of South East Region, advocate for the interest of the region in the Nigerian Project being one of the integral part of the country’s Tripod of existence and as well as to preach and defend good governance both in our region and in the Nation generally.

Your Excellency, It is very expedient that we write you at this important time with regards to your oat of office to uphold the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Nation’s Democracy and as well as protect and preserves the lives and properties of Abia People within and outside the terrestrial boundaries of Abia State.

We therefore write, to condemn in strong terms, the tyrannic display of one of your Aides “Mr Erondu Uchenna, your SSA on General Duties” who through the recent audio recording of an intimidating phone call to his fellow Abian citizen grossly over stepped on the integrity of our Democracy. We are sorry to Abia State Government but have no apology to him “Mr Erondu Uchenna”, to address him as “Mr” instead of “Hon.” as persons of his character does not deserved to be addressed as an honourable.

Based on every facts available to us, Mr Erondu Uchenna on behalf of the State Government, threatened Mr G.S. Ogochukwu nwokeoma for criticizing the your Administration. He went on to brag about those he has dealt with in time past including his elder brother who is currently languishing in police custody at Abuja (according to him from the audio of his phone call to Mr Nwokeoma). From the audio record, Mr Erondu Uchenna is quoted to have made the following statements in Igbo language which can be translated as thus:
*** Whether workers go on strike or not, whether payment of salary or not, whether workers do their works or not, whether there is road construction or not, anything concerning Abia State Government; Don’t write it again, never you write anything against Abia State Government or Government Officials
*** Any day you try it, what happened to “Mopol” will happen to you, any day you try it, you will be whisked away to Abuja
***I call Nkasiobi Chuks before calling you, remember your people do not have money to come and bail you in Abuja, so don’t ever write anything against the Government again
*** Example has been set with Mopol, if Mopol can be put in that condition, do you think anyone else can escape it?
*** Have you called Austin? You heard what happened to him? Call him and find out.

Mr Erondu’s phone call outing is monstrous abuse of office and grossly out of place with no recourse to democratic practices. He never considered civility and human values rather he unreservedly expressed how barbaric and power drunken he is while presenting the Government of Abia State cum your Administration in bad lights. This display which translates to intimidation, harrassement, infringement of one’s right and threat to life and freedom is highly condemned by the entire reasonable South East Youths as it poses to be counter productive to both Abia State Government and South East Region in general.

Your Excellency, records before us shows that you are a man of core values, good conduct and with much respect to democratic principles. We also know you to be a man that welcomes criticism which is strengthens Democracy, increase insights and perceptions of any Government. To this effect, we call on you to defend our Democracy and your oat of office by addressing this matter with immediate effect. We recommend and appeal to you to:
1. _*Ensure the Security of the threatened person “Mr G.S. Ogochukwu Nwokeoma” as the Chief security officer of the State.*_
2. _*Ensure the release of the said “Mopol” in police custody in far away Abuja.*_
3. _*Consider with no sentiments, relieve Mr Erondu Uchenna of his office as a sign of warning to those who might in future trend in this same undemocratic path that brought embarrassment and ridicule to Abia State Government.*_

With high respect and regards to your office, we are very optimistic you will give prompt attention to this letter and consider our recommendations.


Yours in Service


*Comr. Ekeh Ifeanyi Chimezie*
Imo State
National Coordinator

*Comr. Okoro Williams T.*
Ebonyi State
National Secretary

*Comr. Derby Tochi Joy*
Abia State
National P.R.O.

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