Why you should not sell your vote but cast wisely. By PscNews Blog

What is the real value of the money you receive on Election Day, in order to cast your vote for a candidate?

Note that the money you receive is all you will be paid in the 4 years the candidate will be in office. He has paid you in advance for 4 years service.

365 dys x 4 yrs = 1460 days.

1. You receive #5,000 ? OK
#5,000➗1460 = N3 per day.

= That is the value of the vote you sold, over 4 years.

2. U receive #1000..?Ok, now
1000➗1460 = 68 kobo per day.

3. You receive #500..?
500 ➗1460 = 34 kobo per day

3. You receive #200 to vote..?
See 200➗1460 = 13 kobo per day..!!

The question is how much do you value yourself..?

Is that what you are worth..?
They have bought your silence so that they and their children can live well.
Can you live on 13 kobo per day or even 68 kobo per day? Tom Tom sweet is 10 naira think twice before u decide.
God bless Nigeria.

vote wisely!!!

Spread this message as far and wide as you can,and by all possible means. Save your future generations from imminent extinction.

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