Why wasting your recharging outside when you can make a lot of money doing it yourself… LOADMART


Welcome to Loadmart your ladder to the enviable height n huge success in the Twenty four century market. We believe that the best ways to survive a bad economy is to get connected with the business of daily consumables.

To Build a platform that connects people n remove millions of Nigerians out of poverty

Providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunity for communities, empowering people with knowledge, and creating income generating activities (direct selling) to alleviate poverty and increase legitimate sources of income

*Three Policies:*
.Build a lasting foundation,
β€’ Create Timeless Brands,
β€’ Make Millions of Affiliates Wealthy.

*Integrity:* Our business foundation
*Unity:* Our source of strength

*Honesty:* The philosophy of our management

*Love:* The Source of our progress

β€’ Airtime
β€’ Data
β€’ Cable TV subscription
β€’ Electricity Bills Online payment
β€’ CUG
β€’ Advertisement
β€’ E-commerce etc

LOADMART adopted the strategy of multi-level marketing to enable her achieve the following objectives:
1. To promote a brand name
2. To sell products faster
3. To make millions of affiliates wealthy.
4. To share to affiliates and partake in the multi-billion dollar Telecom n E-COMMERCE Industry

Becoming an affiliate member of LOADMART opens you up to the streams of opportunities that LOADMART presents, ranging from making money being a distributor selling the products,( MOBILE SHOP) providing services on our Offline platforms, selling products on our shopping malls or taking advantage of all ranges of opportunities

This opportunity will certainly turn your life around. You can ask people what it means to join am MLM company especially that which is into Telecom n e-commerce.
Grap a position now , Telecom is the newest oil well in the world.

Don’t be left out

LOADMART: *INTRODUCING LoadMart ***The New oil well in Nigeria πŸ”₯*

The name of the business is *Loadmart* But it is fondly called *Loadmartltd*

It’s a platform that gives ordinary individuals like me & you, the opportunity to become *Independent Telecoms Licence Owners* …without spending millions to get a licence….

Thus, you become an *NCC-licenced telecoms distributor* and *earn commissions* each time you and other people recharge their phones or buy data. You also pay other utility bills through the platform. The company provides a wide range of transactional getways and opportunities.

Meanwhile, research has shown that *recharge cards (from all networks)* are the *most frequently and widely used products* *GLOBALLY* .

Currently, statistics has it that Nigerians spend approximately *#6.1 trillion on airtime and data annually… generating trillions for Banks, Quickteller, and Telecoms companies… _all without getting paid!_*

However, *Loadmart* is giving you *the opportunity to get paid on all these transactions.*
[5/6, 3:15 PM] FUNSHO OLUGBIMI LOADMART: πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

βœ… *PLEASE NOTE that your registration fee is your membership fee and it gives you the opportunity to to own a TELECOM VTU LICENSE for all your Telecom transactions but 20% of your registration package is paid back to you to start up with while you also make so much money from the MLM*

βœ… You only earn from your personal transactions *if you don’t refer others to the business*

βœ… ….. while you earn *both from your personal transactions and the transactions of others if you refer*

βœ…Also Note that *REFERRAL is important for you to maximize the hiiden treasure in this multi billion dollars market and it’s also strictly optional in this business*…… .

βœ…But we are encouraged to refer others to the business in order to maximize earnings.

With LOADMART, you are guaranteed unlimited Victory

Loadmart: Your easiest way to financial freedom

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