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Since the return of Democracy in Nigeria in 1999, women have not been given fair share in the political scene, the political train is dominated by men without asking what the women should benefit or bringing them on board not minding that majority of the voters which gives men victory are women and young ladies.

It is an error for women to be only relevant in political campaign and voting and their gain remains few cups of rice and a can of malt which most times does not go round, in most cases they are given #500 for a whole day, these women will leave their houses very early in the morning travel a distance to and wait with their local musical instruments, playing and singing for hours and will end up going home at nite with few cups of rice, what a shame.

These are wives, mothers and grandmotherz who gave their time to see that a candidate wins an election. The worst side of it is that after winning the election the winners will never asked about the women who gave their lives for him, not even in appointments. “Error”

Another challenge here is that women don’t like to contest and when they do, don’t take it serious, another cancer in the women politics is that they don’t support their fellow women with reason best known to them. But that be to people like People Eteh former speaker federal house of reps, Senator Chris Anyanwu, Vrrgy Etiaba former speaker deputy governor of Anambara state, among few others who has remained resolute to see that women are represented, but their few efforts are insignificant.

Another observation is that when this few women are in power they too forgets to empower their fellow women and tutor them politically. But now that men has failed, the best option are women. Let’s send them to the houses of Assembly and observe them.

No current member in the house can boldly beat his chest that he represented his people well, they are only after there pocket. Women be wise now like never, give your votes to your fellow women who understands your plight as women

Women are organizers, they are close to home and children, they feel the pain of the masses than men, they understand the yearnings of our mothers because they are one. Women pls I beg you, don’t make this mistakes again, vote all the female contestants and have positive changes.

Men will only end up killing your husbands and take you as concubines, sleeping and messing up with your underage daughters with series of abortions and drugs abuse. Men will only end up using you to get their votes and will never come back to say thank you until after 3years.

OGECHI PETERS is the Only Option for Ideato North State House of Assembly. Ask those seeking re-election about their works and care for you. How many motions or bill have they spornsor? How many health centers for women or common maternity for our children have they attracted?

OGECHI PETERS Is not in the big and money political party because She is decent and want to represent well, all these throwing 500 and 1000 plus cups of local rice for you now will never ask of you again until 2023.

As an ideato citizen, as Nwafor Ideato I urge everyone to come out and vote for APGA “OGECHI PETERS” For a Bette ideato. Are we not ashamed of Ideato the way they have kept it over the years, check our roads, electricity, hospitals etc. This is a local government that produced a Governor for 8years. Pls my people let’s CHANGE THIS OLD BLACK SHEEPS NOW FOR A PROGRESSIVE IDEATO.

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